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Man suffers heart attack at drive thru
Fast Pace.JPG
Shown here, from left are, Kamas Saxton, PA; KFC Shift Manager Rhonda Perez; and Diane Dillehay, FNP.

It’s not every day somebody has a heart attack in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. However, during the last week of October that is exactly what happened at KFC/Taco Bell. Quick action by Fast Pace Urgent Care Center staff helped to improve the frightening situation.

Fast Pace’s Diane Dillehay, FNP, recalls a person entering their lobby saying someone was having a heart attack in the parking lot next door.

“I poked my head out the back door, and the employee stated that someone was have a heart attack in the drive through of KFC,” said Dillehay. “I told Kamus to grab the AED and ran over there. Sure enough, there was a man down with agonal respirations (gasping) and quite blue.”

The Fast Pace staff began CPR and after a total of six rounds and a shock, the victim was awake and talking when emergency medical staff arrived. He was transported to the emergency room then transferred to St. Thomas Midtown. It was found that the victim had a chronic illness and was very ill prior to the episode.