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Market has beer permit pulled for 90 days
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The Smithville Beer Board voted Thursday night to prohibit On The Way market on South Congress Boulevard from selling beer for 90 days.The board found the permit holder, Bindyia, Inc. to be in violation of the city's beer ordinance for the recent sale of alcohol to a minor.The suspension took effect immediately, and the store’s beer permit was reportedly removed by the city Friday morning.City police conducted an undercover investigation in August targeting all 11 stores in the city limits licensed to sell beer for off-premises consumption.Police said 19-year-old Danielle Owens, a clerk at On The Way market was the only person to sell beer to a 20-year-old officer from another county who attempted to buy beer at the 11 locations.Owens was charged with the misdemeanor offense of selling alcohol to a minor. The investigation, conducted by Lieutenant Holmes and Detective Brandon Donnell of the Smithville police Department revealed that 10 of the 11 stores refused to sell libations to the underage officer. The city's beer ordinance allows that “Under the finding of any violation of the beer permit holder, the punishment for the first offense shall be a minimum suspension of the beer permit for a period of 90 days.