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Mcminnville woman charged with multiple counts of prescription fraud
Police allege woman illegaly acquired drugs
A 36-year-old McMinnville woman has been charged by city police with two counts of prescription fraud after obtaining drugs from a local pharmacy on two separate occasions using a false name.According to Police Chief Randy Caplinger, Jill Jones is currently incarcerated in Warren County where she has also been charged with ten counts of prescription fraud.According to Detective Matt Holmes, Thursday, April 21st, Jones telephoned a local pharmacy on April 21 claiming to be a secretary for a doctor's office in McMinnville.Jones ordered prescriptions of Loratab and Xanax in the name of Sarah Ward. She later went to pick up the order, identifying herself as Ward, and paid for the prescriptions.Jones then allegedly called in another prescription order for Sarah Ward on April 25, this time for hydrocodone and Phentramine. She reportedly showed up at the pharmacy to pick up the order using an ID number.The pharmacist became suspicious and called the McMinnville doctor's office to verify the order and learned that had it not been authorized by anyone there.The pharmacy then notified Smithville Police.