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Missing Watertown man sought
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A Wilson County man, missing since Aug. 8, is still unaccounted for, and his family is desperately searching for information concerning his whereabouts.David Riemens, 60, an Watertown artist and stone mason, went missing shortly after noon that Wednesday.Relatives said Riemens went to meet an unknown man concerning a stone mason job.His vehicle was found later in the parking lot of the Dollar General Store in Watertown.No sign of Riemens, nor the man he was supposed to have been meeting, have been found since.The man Riemens was to meet was purportedly in his 70s, and had arranged the meeting to take Riemens to meet a contractor to discuss the construction of a stone foundation for a home, possibly being built for the man’s son or daughter and spouse.The possible location of the construction site is unknown.Riemens’ brother and sister, Jim Riemens and Wanda Bush of Michigan, have come to Wilson County, and are attempting to get the word out about the missing man.Jim Riemens said that while he was thankful for all the help the family has received in their search, the efforts have not been fruitful so far."First we want to thank the community for their efforts so far," Jim Riemens said. "Everyone's searching, but we still don't have anything to go on." He said that his theory is that David Riemens was picked up at the Dollar General Store to ride to an unknown job site.It seems, however, that Riemens told no one who he was to meet or where they were going.Other than the fact that Riemens was seen inside the Dollar General store buying a bottle of water, no evidence of his whereabouts has been uncovered since.There is apparently no concrete evidence to prove who he left with, if anyone, or where the supposed building site may have been."If we could find out who the second person is, it could give us a direction to search in," said Regimens brother.