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More than 50 indicted on drug charges
josh bain arrest w sm
Joshua Bain is processed by a DeKalb County deputy after being arrested on a sealed indictment Friday. He was one of more than 50 people indicted by the grand jury after a lengthy investigation by the sheriffs department. - photo by Photo by: Angie Meadows
The DeKalb County Sheriff's Department has rounded up more than 40 people since Friday as a result of an undercover drug investigation that spanned several months.The grand jury handed down 55 sealed indictments last Monday as a result of the operation, which included 77 total drug buys.As of press time, 12 people indicted in this investigation were not yet arrested.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, 32 of the buys were of Dilaudid, 14 were Suboxone, nine were hydrocodone, five were methamphetamines, five roxycodone and three morphine.The sting was rounded out with three cocaine buys, two Oxycodone buys, one purchase of heroin and one marijuana buy.The sheriff told the Review that buys conducted in drug-free zones may result in stiffer penalties for offenders if convicted.“Some of these buys were in a drug-free zone,” Ray said. “What that means is that when we charge somebody with that (selling in a drug-free zone) it ups the charge a class, and if convicted the defendant must serve 100 percent of the jail time.“The drug-free zones are designated as any area within 1,000 feet of any public or private school,pre-school, child care facility, public library or recreational center or park such as a ball park.” the Sheriff concluded.Forty nine Of the 55 indicted Monday, 49 are charged with selling drugs and three were charged with manufacturing meth.The remaining three were indicted on charges of theft.“We have made 77 total drug buys in this roundup,” Ray said. “There have been thirty two buys of Dilaudid, fourteen of Suboxone, nine of hydrocodone, five of methamphetamine, five of roxycodone, three of morphine, three of cocaine, two of oxycodone, two buys of Xanax, one heroin buy, and one buy of marijuana," he said."There were a total of 49 drug defendants, along with the three meth lab defendants, and three people charged with theft, which makes a total of 55 defendants in this roundup."On the drug buys, we made them in different areas of the county including east of Smithville from Ragland Bottom to the western part of the county around Alexandria and both the northern and southern parts of the county.