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Municipal Golf Course to be brought up to par
RiverWatch taking over maintenance
DCHS golfer Isaac Walker gets ready to putt at RiverWatch Golf Club during the AJGA Junior tournament this year. RiverWatch has been retained by the City of Smithville to maintain the municipal golf course in town.
It’s official, RiverWatch Golf Club will now be maintaining the Smithville Municipal Golf Course beginning immediately.The agreement was passed during last week’s monthly meeting of the Smithville Mayor and Alderman who agreed to the one-year deal that will bring the course back to a higher standard for the residents and visitors of DeKalb County.The course had been on lease to Tony Poss who decided to opt out last month and the course has been closed since. It doesn’t take long without regular maintenance for a golf course to fall into disarray, and RiverWatch owner Ken Lacy said they plan on starting to work as soon as possible to bring it up to snuff.“Basically we’re offering the maintenance and renovation services to bring the golf course back to the status that you and the public want to see. We have the facilities, equipment, manpower, and knowledge.