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New equalization board named
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A new equalization board has been named.At the regular meeting of the county commission Monday, Russell Watson, Ronald Ashburn, Carl Dwayne Webb, Phillip Hendrix, and Bobby Reynolds were named to the board, with Peggy Owens as an alternate.The equalization board previously consisted of seven members, one from each county district, but new state rules now call for no more than five members. Tennessee Code Annotated reads: “The county legislative body of each county shall, at the April session of each even year, from the different sections of the county, elect, for a term of two (2) years, five (5) freeholders and taxpayers who shall constitute a county board of equalization.”State law requires county equalization boards to meet each year on June 1, or the next business day if June 1 falls on Saturday or Sunday. The board hears appeals of property tax assessments as by the assessor of property.The DeKalb County Equalization Board will meet June 2-6 this year in the assessor of property’s office.Assessor of Property Scott Cantrell recently presented the county commission the names of a list of potential board members.