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New law clears some criminal records
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The Tennessee district attorneys are preparing to implement the effects of a new law that will allow Tennessee residents convicted of certain crimes to have the infraction expunged from their public records, effective July 1.This is the first time what is known as “extraordinary relief” has been available in Tennessee.“This responsibility has been presented to the district attorneys of Tennessee by the legislature, and the district attorneys will carry out their duties by the book,” said Wally Kirby, executive director of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference. “The district attorneys will ensure that any person seeking extraordinary relief meet all necessary requirements and comply strictly with the process.”Only certain crimes are eligible for expunction; they must be non-violent, non-DUI and non-sexual crimes.Crimes eligible are misdemeanors and Class E felonies committed in the state of Tennessee after Nov. 1, 1989, including forgery, theft, vandalism, and fraudulent or false insurance claim, among others. These crimes must have been for an amount less than $1,000.Additional stipulations to qualify for expunction require that the individual have no other convictions than the one under review.Also, the individual must have completed all terms of his or her sentencing, paid all fines and remained free of alcohol or substance abuse for at least one year.At least five years must have elapsed from the completion of the individual’s sentence.