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Nix arrested for drugs, statutory rape
Lomas faces eight counts of forgery


A Smithville man was arrested for possession of drugs for resale and statutory rape on consecutive days in July.


Thomas Braxton Nix, 20, was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug for resale (methamphetamine), possession of a Schedule VI drug for resale (marijuana), possession of a Schedule IV drug for resale (Alprazolam), and possession of a Schedule III drug for resale (Hydrocodone) on July 20. In a separate incident, Nix was also charged with statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl on July 21.


According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, a sheriff’s department detective made a traffic stop on a red Grand Am on July 20 after observing the car weaving on Highway 70 east. He stopped the vehicle on Terrell Road, and as he approached the car, the lawman saw that the Nix was moving around inside the vehicle as the he approached it.


The officer asked Nix to get out of the vehicle, and when he left the driver’s seat the detective saw a cellophane pack with four alprazolam pills inside. After Nix gave consent for a search of his person, the detective spotted a small piece of "ICE" (methamphetamine) baggie containing "ICE" was found on the ground and behind the vehicle.


Inside of Nix’s wallet the officer allegedly found 17 Hydrocodone pills. During a search of the vehicle, the detective also found a bag containing two Mason jars. One of the jars was full of marijuana, and the other had two marijuana buds.


Two digital scales, several baggies, and a marijuana shredder were also found in the bag. Nix was reportedly in possession of 23.4 grams of meth, 2.66 ounces of marijuana, four Alprazolam pills, and 17 hydrocodone pills along with $853 cash. Nix was arrested and allegedly admitted to selling meth


Then, on July 21, Ray said Nix had statutory rape added to his charges. The man was arrested by another sheriff’s detective for the sexual penetration of a 14-year-old female at a County House Road residence.


His bonds total $300,000, and he will appear in court on Aug. 27.


Meanwhile, Enrique "Ricky" Adelaido Lomas, 22, was arrested on eight counts of forgery and one count of theft over $500 on July 29.


Lomas allegedly passed eight different stolen checks at six different local stores. He reportedly began his spree on July 7, when he passed a forged check in the amount of $150 at a local business. The check had been reported stolen, and was returned to the merchant. He then passed another forged check at another local business in the amount of $130 on July 10. The amount on the document had allegedly been whited out and changed.


Then, on July 16, he allegedly passed another check in the amount of $120 at a different business. The check had also been flagged as stolen and was returned to the business. Later that day, he passed another stolen check in the amount of $80 at the same store. It had also been flagged as stolen and was also returned to the business.


Ray said Lomas passed two more forged checks at yet another business on July 21, for $65 and $100, another check at the same business he visited on July 16 in the amount of $100, and yet another forged check at yet another business in amount of $100.


He also faces a charge of theft under $500 for allegedly taking a check from the glove compartment of a victim’s truck on July 6.


The case was investigated by a sheriff’s department detective.


Lomas total bond was set at $121,500, and he will appear in court on Aug. 6.