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Opponents of DUD plant send petition to state comptroller
D Copeland w L
COPELAND - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
After gathering more than 1,000 signatures from DeKalb Utility District customers, opponents of a proposed DUD water treatment plant now have the ammunition they need to request that the state comptroller review DUD’s records.The Citizens Against the DUD Plant movement hopes the state Utility Management Review Board will find a reason to quash the project.Darden Copeland of Calvert Street Group, a public relations firm hired by the City of Smithville to help fight the new plant, told attendees at a meeting held Monday afternoon at the county complex that a petition signed by more than 1,000 DUD customers opposing the project will be submitted to the comptrollers office this week.Only 520 signatures were needed to force a review of the DUD plan.Copeland said that the group hopes that a review will conclude that the plant is not needed and block the sale of bonds to help fund the project.“There's a rule in the Tennessee Code, Darden shared at the meeting. “It's known as the Utility District Law of 1937. It says the taxpayers can petition the Utility Management Review Board for a review of the DUD's plan to finance their water treatment plant,” Copeland said.