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Poll wrong in Review
Results entered in reverse
poll w sm
A screenshot of the poll results as of Thursday morning.

The results of the on-line poll on the op-ed page of this weeks Review were transposed. The question, "Do you think the director of schools should receive a favorable evaluation?" was actually responded to with 98 percent of readers voting "no," and two percent voting "yes" at press time. As of this writing, the results of the poll were 119 "no" votes, versus nine "yes" votes. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Although the polls are renewed every week on the home page of our website, older polls remain active under the "Other Polls" category at the bottom of the poll box. Older polls may still be voted on by clicking "Other Polls" and selecting the poll you wish to participate in. Subscribers may offer comments in the box below the poll results.