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Praises in the Park returns
Joyful Praises held Praises in the Park Saturday at Greenbrook Park in Smithville. Ralph Tommy Caldwell, the Happy Waver, gets in line for some food where the proceeds help those in need.
Praises in the Park took place at Greenbrook Park, Smithville across the street from NHC healthcare from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday after an eight-year hiatus.“We started this in 1992,” said Smithville resident and organizer Sheila Gaw who together with her husband Roger spearhead the group Joyful Praises. “The Lord seemed to want me to have another one and we have had 17 wonderful years in this ministry so we decided it was time.”Gaw said she’s seen plenty of evidence of God’s work over the years relating a time when a woman came up for prayer who had been estranged from her daughter for over three years. As they prayed, who should come walking up the lane but the woman’s daughter who had no idea her mother would be there so they were reunited.Groups included in Joyful Praises are—Smithville; Steve Warren—Cookeville; Bryan Smotherman- Shelbyville; Wanda Key—Cookeville; Zeck Turner--Georgia ; The Holly Family—Howanwald; Walter Terry -preacher and; Jeanie Terry--Benton, Tn; Skeeter Hindman--Chattanooga area and Signs of Faith DramaBaxter, TN were on hand.For information on Joyful Praises call 615-684-5148.