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Principals call for more SROs
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The recent school scare in Warren County has at least two local principals calling for more officers in DeKalb County schools.DeKalb County schools saw several extra police officers on duty after the Warren County threat, for which Reece Elliott, a 24-year-old man from South Shields in south Tyneside, England, has apparently been arrested.The anonymous Facebook message, in which Elliot allegedly said he was going to kill his father, steal his guns and kill 200 more people, not only caused a disturbance in Warren County, but in DeKalb and other surrounding counties as well.Northside Elementary School Principal Dr. Gayle Redmon and DeKalb West School Principal Danny Parkerson told the school board at Thursday night’s regular meeting, held at DeKalb West School, that they feel that more officers are needed at local schools.At present, DeKalb County has one SRO at DeKalb County High School. The four other schools in the system do not have an SRO on duty.“While I am aware that the funding for school resource officers is not an item that comes out of the school budget, I would like to make an appeal to the school board to request from our county commissioners, a school resource officer in each of our schools in DeKalb County,” Redmon said.“While it saddens me that we must make this request, I believe it is imperative that we think in terms of being proactive rather than reactive,” Redmon said.She said her research into the situation indicated that an officer in each school would reduce the chance of a teacher or student being harmed by an intruder.“Research does indicate that a school resource officer would be instrumental in protecting students and staff in the event that we were to ever to have an intruder in our school who intended to do harm to students or an adult,” she informed the board. “I am aware of only one incident in which an SRO officer was killed in a school shooting.