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Referendum raises questions for city property rights voters
stanley w sm
STANLEY - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
DeKalb County Administrator of Elections Dennis Stanley came before the mayor and board of aldermen in Smithville to make them aware of a potential problem with the referendum on liquor stores in the city limits that is set to be on the ballot for the November election.The referendum was placed on the ballot after local businessman Randy Paris spearheaded a petition drive, receiving more than the necessary 90 signatures in just a few days.The hangup lies with property rights voters who live outside the city limits, but have voting rights in the city.“Property rights voters have to live in DeKalb County, but they may live in Blue Springs or Alexandria,” Stanley told the board. “If those people come in to vote early (at the courthouse), they will go through the line and vote their county ballot. Then they will have to go back through the line, then will likely have to vote on paper for or against the referendum.