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Review turns 120 years old
Local paper in continuous print for more than a century
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The Smithville Review celebrates its 120th anniversary this week.Since Frank Wallace and his brother P.S. printed the first copy 120 years ago, through the revamp of the paper by William F. (Bill) Dyer after World War II and the recent tenures of Dorothy Walker and Dennis Stanley at the helm, the Review has survived wars, recessions and a depression.It has weathered changes in style, attitudes and fashion, while maintaining its place as a community paper guaranteed to inform, entertain and educate the people of DeKalb County and beyond.“For 120 years the Smithville Review has chronicled the events and people of DeKalb County and is privileged to continue its leadership role in documenting this proud heritage,” said publisher Pat Zechman.“As the community has evolved so have news-gathering modes, but one particular element remains the same, and that is, DeKalb countians can count on the staff and news resources at the Smithville Review to give them the news. “Whether sports, government, civic activities, school-related or those from across the respective communities throughout this beautiful county, the Review staff is committed to filling its pages and website with newsworthy happenings in its citizens' lives. “Congratulations on serving the people of DeKalb County with a love and dedication that hometown folks understand and appreciation,” she concluded.“I am so excited to be celebrating the Review’s 120th anniversary next week,” said General Manager Angie Meadows.“For me to say that it is an honor to be part of this paper just does not describe the feeling I have about it.“I believe in order to truly produce a product that you can be proud of, your heart must be in it.