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Robinson enters congressional race
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Rachel Robinson of Cookeville announced last week that she is launching a formal write-in campaign in the race for the 6th District congressional seat against Diane Black.Robinson visited DeKalb County last Wednesday to alert the local media to her plans.Robinson told the Review she felt the people of the 6th District needed an option in the November race, and that she felt the call to be the Democratic voice to oppose Black.In announcing her candidacy, Robinson addressed the reasons she felt compelled to enter the race.“Watching national news coverage of the recent Republican primary, I was angry and embarrassed,” Robinson said in a prepared statement. “This area deserves so much better than being an example of the worst in national politics. At a time when people are fed up with the un-ending partisan gridlock in Washington, our Congresswoman is running on the fact that she’s the most extreme Congress member of all.“So many people I spoke with shared my sentiment,” she continued.