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School board opposes proposal to tie test scores to teacher license
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The DeKalb County Board of Education approved a resolution last week stating their opposition to a policy proposed by the state which could cause educators to lose their teaching license if the results of the Tennessee Value Added Assessment System (TVAAS) do not meet expectations.School Board Member Charles Robinson brought the matter up at last Tuesday’s meeting, making it clear that he felt the board should speak out against the plan.Director of Schools Mark Willoughby also expressed his displeasure with the plan, telling the assembly using TVAAS as punishment for teachers was unacceptable."Statistics say 44 percent of educators in Tennessee do not teach a tested subject, so it's not going to be equal for everybody,” The director said. “If 56 percent teach a tested subject and 44 percent don't, then everybody is not on the same playing field.“We also have students who are more needy than others and those students cannot make the Achievement and Growth the same as other students and to take a teacher's license away because of that is not acceptable to me nor to a lot of other people, Willoughby said.The director said that TVAAS was not intended to be used as punishment, but as a tool for growth.“The straw that broke the camel's back was when the Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education said they wanted to take licenses away from teachers because of a test score. We would love to have every teacher in our system, and the State of Tennessee, to score a five (the highest possible score) on Value Added (TVAAS) and a five on Achievement.