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School wants sales tax for raises
dub speaks
Kate Miller listens as Chairman Dub Evins outlines a plan to ask the county to fund teacher raises using local option sales tax money.
Faced with a bare bones budget for the coming year which has already led to the sacrificing of four jobs in the school system, the DeKalb County Board of Education, has decided to ask the county commission to fund teacher raises this year from the local option tax receipts.“We want it to be a raise, rather than a bonus,” declared board member Danny Parkerson in putting the question to a vote at the school board meeting Thursday evening. Board members voted unanimously to request the county to take teacher raises out of local option tax rather than the school’s reserves.The school system wants to give all school employees a $600 raise this year, in part to counteract increased insurance premiums. In the case of teachers, the $600 would be joined by a $600 raise from the state, making their raise $1,200.