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Schools to wait out healthcare changes
Policy remains as-is for now
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The board's regular meeting was held at DeKalb Middle School - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
The DeKalb County Board of Education, facing an Oct. 1 deadline to inform its employee’s about their healthcare plan, decided last week not to make any changes in benefits.The federal government’s decision to delay implementation of the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Health Care Act until 2015 prompted the board to put off plans to pay a larger share of single health insurance coverage for support staff.Currently, the school system pays 64 percent of the cost of health insurance for certified employees with a single or a family plan, while the employee picks up the remaining 36 percent. The system pays 51 percent of the cost for support staff.Under the new law, however, no employee may pay more than 9.5 percent of their income for health insurance, and the current arrangement apparently does not meet these standards for support staff.The plan budgeted by the school board for the 2013-14 school year would have offered single health-insurance coverage for support staff employees who chose to participate, at the rate of $90 per month. The school system would have paid the remainder of the cost of the policies.We have to make a decision tonight about what we want to do, whether to implement what we voted on earlier in the year with the changes or to put this on pause and hold off and wait to see what the federal government does with affordable health care,” said Chairman Johnny Lattimore.