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Second murder victim revealed
Jose w sm
While Smithville Police have yet to release an official statement concerning the bizzare double murder last week on Tommy Harrell Street as of press time, relatives of the deceased have confirmed that the second victim is Jose Sagaon.Police were alerted to the crime by a neighbor who often checked on the other victim, 55-year-old Ramon Beacham, who found the body just before 2 p.m. last Tuesday.When officers arrived at the scene, they found Beacham’s body inside the house, and Sagoan’s remains underneath a pile of debris behind the home.Informed sources said that police have questioned a man named David Dixon as a person of interest in the case.While the woman who discovered the grisly scene said that she last saw Beacham at about 9:30 p.m. on the night before the incident, it is not known when Sagoan was last seen, when he was killed, or how long his body may have been at the location.According to sources, both victims had been shot.A motive for the crime has not yet been revealed.While Beacham was laid to rest Saturday, many local Mexican businesses have allowed Sagoan’s loved ones to place collection boxes to raise money to help ship his body back to his family in Santo Domingo Petapa, Oaxaca, Mexico.