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SES honors vets

The students at Smithville Elementary School hosted a program honoring military veterans Friday.


Students were lead in singing the hymns of the four branches of the military, as well as "God Bless the USA," by Kelly Birmingham.


Adrienne McCormick read the following "Veterans Day" poem by Cheryl Dyson:


On Veterans Day we honor all,


Who answered to a service call,


Soldiers young, and soldiers old,


Fought for freedom, brave and bold


Some have lived, while others died,


And all of them deserve our pride,


We're proud of all the soldiers who,


Kept thinking of red, white, and blue,


They fought for us and all our rights,


They fought through many days and nights,


And though we may not know each name,


We thank ALL veterans just the same.


Those recognized for their service included:


•Earl Sims, U.S. Army, World War I


•Edsel Frazier, U.S. Army, World War II


•Edward Frazier, U.S. Army, World War II


•Guy Mathis, U.S. Army, World War II


•Sidney Walker, World War II


•Connie Ketzner, U.S. Air Force, Cold War


•Gary Davis, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•Bob Ramsey, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•Van Mathis, National Guard, Vietnam


•George Beckley, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•James Edmon Sandlin, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam


•Ben Franklin, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•William Russell, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam


•Kenneth Milligan, U.S. Coast Guard, Vietnam


•Ronnie Redmon, Sr., U.S. Air Force, Vietnam


•Joe Stone, U.S. Army & Air Force, Vietnam


•Larry D. Johnson, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•Billy Willingham, U.S. Army National Guard, Vietnam, Iraq


•Tom Meadows, U.S. Army, Vietnam


•James Cantrell, U.S. Air Force, Korea


•Harrison Biles, U.S. Army, Korea


•James Dunn, U.S. Army, Korea


•Bethel Golden, U.S. Army, Korea


•Walter Johnson, U.S. Army, Korea


•Tommy Webb, U.S. Army, Korea


•Clyde Thomas family, U.S. Navy, Korea


•John Washer, U.S. Air Force, Operation Iraqi Freedom


•Jordan Lehnhart, National Guard and U.S. Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom


•Chris Davenport, U.S. Navy, Operation Iraqi Freedom


•Dustin Niehuus, U.S. Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom


•Eric D. Frazier, U.S. Marine Corps, Iraq


•Brian Reed, U.S. Air Force, Operation Desert Storm/Operation Enduring Freedom


•Allen Midgett, U.S. Navy, Operation Desert Storm


•Jimmy Sprague, U.S. Army, Operation Just Cause


•Barbara Boehm, U.S. Army, Iraq and Afghanistan


•Billy Gene Anderson, U.S Army, killed in Afghanistan.


•Chad Polk, U.S. Army, Iraq and Afghanistan


•Christopher Powell, U.S. Navy


•Alysha Garmer, U.S. Air Force


•Joshua Vincent, U.S. Army


•Erin Vaughn, U.S. Army


•Stephen Merz, U.S. Navy


•Darrell Young, U.S. Navy