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Sheriff donates phones to Genesis House
Genesis House 2011 0-1.jpg
Sheriff Patrick Ray presented Family Advocate Deborah Goodwin from the Cookeville Genesis House 149 donated used cell phones on behalf of the citizens of DeKalb County last week.The Sheriff's Department collected the devices from local residents ."I want to thank the Citizens of DeKalb County for their cell phone donations,” Goodwin said. “We take the donated phones, refurbish them, and give them to our clients as a way to contact law enforcement in case they find themselves in immediate danger or have an emergency”.The cell phones will be modified to only call 911.According to Goodwin, a woman is battered by her intimate partner every 14 seconds in our country, and more women are killed by domestic violence than Americans killed in the Vietnam War every five years.Ray added that 20 percent of all murders are domestic violence related, and that 76 percent of rape and sexual assaults are committed by husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, family members or acquaintances.Anyone who is a victim of domestic violence may contact the Sheriff’s department at 597-4935 for information or for a ride to a domestic shelter in Cookeville.Victims may also call the 24 hour Genesis House Crisis Line at 1-800-707-5197 or 931-525-1637.Ray also said that he wants to thank the Citizens of DeKalb County for one of their largest cell phone donations ever, and to remind residents that the department will be collecting used cell phones again this year."If you have a cell phone you no longer plan to use, whether or not it is functional, just drop it by the Sheriff's department,” Ray said, “The Sheriff's department collects these phones during the year and makes an annual donation on behalf of DeKalb County to the Genesis House,"