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Sheriff warns of rising holiday thefts in DeKalb
patrick ray uniform w sm
DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray would like to remind DeKalb countians that the approaching holidays will bring a rising number of thefts locally, and he is asking concerned citizens to report any suspicious activity they might see.The sheriff said that scrap metal is a favorite target of thieves.“We're in that time of year where break-ins are on the rise, Ray said. “We've had home break-ins recently on Edge Road in Dowelltown, the Alexandria to Dismal Road, and Old Snow Hill Road. We've also had other thefts across the county, such as metal products that have been stolen including equipment, scrap metal and things like that.”Ray said that everyone should be aware of what is going on around them, and report any strange goings-on to authorities.“We urge you to take an extra look at your surroundings and be our eyes and ears,” the sheriff continued.“If you hear or see anything that looks suspicious or have knowledge that someone is trying to sell something that doesn't belong to them, we would encourage you to call the sheriff's department at 597-4935.“You can speak to me or to one of our criminal detectives.