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Sheriff warns of rising thefts
patrick ray uniform w sm
Sheriff Patrick Ray is advising DeKalb countians to take precautions against theft, especially from vehicles, due to a rising number of burglary reports of late.“We have been getting a high volume of theft calls in the county,” the sheriff said.“A lot of the thefts we have been seeing are vehicle thefts. I want to remind people not to leave things such as computers, cell phones, jewelry, money, and cameras inside your vehicle in plain view.“Things like this have been reported stolen,” Ray shared, “We ask you to lock up your valuables either in the trunk or in a hidden area of your vehicle. If you have a GPS device that is in the window, take it down and place it under the seat or in another safe place where it is not visible from the outside.“We have also had some places around the lake that have been hit, as well as a few home burglaries sporadically throughout the county,” the sheriff continued.