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Sheriffs Department arrests two in meth lab bust
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Two people were arrested last week by the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department as the result of a meth lab investigation.Jerry Henry (Bug) Goff, 33, and 27-year-old Rhonda Joy Goff were both charged with initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine.Jerry Goff is additionally charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon. According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, the Goffs were found to be in possession of meth lab components at their Toad Road home on March 8.Detectives reported finding Coleman propane fuel, lighter fluid, acetone, blend fuel, propane cooking heads, lithium batteries, coffee filters, cold packs, rubber tubing, mason jars, lye, funnels, glass dishes, and 310 grams of pseudoephedrine at the home.Authorities allegedly found a loaded nine millimeter Ruger handgun belonging to Goff in the home, which conflicts with his status as a convicted felon.According to the sheriff, the bust was the culmination of an investigation by drug detectives into the manufacture of methamphetamine.A search warrant obtained on March 7 was executed at the Goff residence.Bond amounts are $85,000 for Jerry and $50,000 for Rhonda.They will be in court March 15.Tiffany Shenea Hobbs of Liberty, 22, was charged with introduction of drugs into a penal institution after being arrested on March 6. Hobbs was arrested for failure to appear and violation of probation charges.When she was brought to the jail and strip searched, one of the corrections officers allegedly found a cellophane pack in Hobbs' body cavity.The package contained two orange pills believed to be suboxone, a Schedule III controlled substance.Her bond is $3,500 and she will be in court on March 15.Clinton Lane Cope, 22, faces charges of domestic assault.