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Short Mountain Distillery on track to open next spring
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John Whittemore checks out the view from the Shiner Shack at Short mountain Distillery - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
Short Mountain Distillery has completed construction on Stillhouse #1, and is still on track to turn out some old-fashioned Tennessee moonshine soon. “It’s a game of hurry-up-and-wait right now,” distillery representative John Whittemore told the Review last week. “We have all the equipment ordered for the still, and are waiting for it to start coming in so we can get to work.”The staff at the distillery is also waiting to harvest a gorgeous stand of organically grown corn that was planted on the property last spring.“We haven’t harvested yet,” Whittemore said, “We’re waiting for the corn to dry, and because of the old-fashioned methods we used to plant, plowing with mules and that sort of thing, it took a little longer to get it in the ground.“It looks fantastic,” he said, “Anyone who has come out and looked at it who knows anything about field corn has said that it is one nice stand of corn.