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Six qualify for city election
Three challenge incumbents
Shawn Jacobs w sm
Six candidates will vie for three aldermanic seats in the Smithville Municipal Election on June 18.Aaron Meeks, Josh Miller and Anthony Scott will join the three incumbent aldermen up for re-election, Gayla Hendrix, Shawn Jacobs, and Danny Washer, in the city race.The voter registration deadline for the election is May 20, and early voting will be held from May 29-June 13 at the courthouse. Times have not been announced.The three aldermen elected in June will serve a three-year term, from July 1-August 2016. If proposed changes in the city charter are approved by the state legislature, terms of office for the Smithville mayor and aldermen will be extended to four years beginning with the August 2016 city election.A resolution to change the charter was adopted on Feb. 18.The modifications include extending terms of office from two to four years, and broaden voting rights for county residents who own commercial property in the city (two persons per deed).County residents who own at least 3,500 square feet of property in the city would be allowed to vote.City council meetings would be held once a month, reduced from two meetings a month under the changes.If the resolution is adopted by the General Assembly, it returns to the city council where it must be approved by a two-thirds vote on second reading before it becomes binding.Under the proposed charter, city elections will take place every two years at the same time as the county general election and state primaries.The mayor and aldermen’s terms will increase from two to four years.The mayor and aldermen’s elections are currently staggered, with three aldermen to be decided upon this year and a mayor and two aldermen are to be chosen next year.If the plan goes through, the three aldermen selected by city voters this year will serve a three-year term to align the election with the county and state elections to save Smithville the cost of a stand-alone election.Beginning with the August 2016 election, the mayor and aldermen will be elected to four year terms.