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Smith challenges Weaver to debate
Sarah Marie Smith  w sm
Sarah Marie Smith, Democratic nominee for State Representative in District 40, is asking fellow candidate Terri Lynn Weaver to join her in a public debate to focus on the differences between the candidates on the issues of the day.“As I have traveled the district these past few months, many of the voters want to know the differences between myself and Mrs. Weaver,” said Smith. “We owe it to the people of House District 40 to have a debate about the important issues that we will face over the next two years.”Candidate Terri Lynn Weaver is currently serving as State Representative for Macon, Smith, and DeKalb counties.Smith, a mediator and group facilitator, has agreed to debate Weaver whenever and wherever necessary to ensure that voters in the new 40th House District can make an informed choice in this election.“Voters deserve a chance to hear from Rep. Weaver on why she voted against Tennessee First, legislation that would have given small and large businesses in Tennessee the first option at state contracts,” Smith said.“Voters need to know why Rep. Weaver supported giving our Tennessee tax dollars to questionable, for-profit, virtual schools that have tested in the lowest percentile; and voters deserve to know why Rep. Weaver has allowed special interests and lobbyists to drive the debate in our State Legislature,” Smith continued. The Sarah Marie Smith campaign has contacted the Terri Lynn Weaver campaign with the request that a debate between the two candidates be scheduled as soon as possible, and is awaiting a reply.