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Sparta man charged with two counts of criminal impersonation
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The sheriff’s department has arrested a Sparta man and charged him with criminal impersonation on two separate occasions as well as filing a false report.Kenny Lynn Arnold, 32, was charged the first time on July 20 after a deputy dispatched to Johnson’s Chapel Road to investigate an attempted theft spoke to Arnold, and was told that he had borrowed a tractor from his landlord and left it parked behind his house, only to come home and find it stolen.Further investigation revealed that the tractor was at the bottom of a nearby hill overturned, and that Arnold knew it had not been stolen.Arnold allegedly told the deputy his name was Kenny L. McClure and gave him a false Social Security number.Further investigation revealed Arnold’s true identity, and it was found that he had warrants from Hamilton County.Then, on July 26, a criminal detective went to the same Johnson’s Chapel home to serve a state warrant on Arnold.Upon arrival, the detective went to the front door and the deputy went to the back, where the deputy allegedly saw Arnold hide in a closet.The detective then entered the residence and found Arnold in the closet.Arnold reportedly first told the detective his name was Randy, then gave him the name McClure, then admitted he was Kenny Arnold.His total bond is $5,800, and he will be in court Aug. 2.Meanwhile, Hunter A. Close, 19, of Watertown was arrested on July 22 for domestic assault. A sheriff’s department deputy dispatched to a residence on Lower Helton Road spoke to a female relative of Close, who said he pushed her into a piece of furniture and strangled her, leaving red marks on her neck.The victim reportedly said Close was asked to leave and instead assaulted the woman, threatening to kill her.His bond is set at $5,000, and he will be in court Aug. 2.Kenny Wayne Bly, 33, and 24-year-old Amanda Brooke Washer were arrested on July 24, and are charged in a companion case with theft of property over $1,000.The two allegedly took a 2003 Ford Ranger from a residence on Pott’s Camp Road without the owner’s consent on July 21.They are both under a $5,000 bond, and will be in court Aug. 2.Tabitha Marie Norsworthy, 22, of Baxter was arrested for theft of property under $500 on July 24.Norsworthy allegedly took a debit card from a residence on Vicker’s Hollow Road on July 23 without the owner’s consent and purchased a $50 phone card, causing the victim’s bank account to overdraft.Norsworthy reportedly admitted to taking card.The transaction was for $55.41, and a $75 fee was assessed, totaling $132.41She will be in court Aug. 9, and is under a $2,500 bond.Rodney Wade Laulo, 41, Cookeville was cited for aggravated criminal littering and violation of the financial responsibility law on July 24.A deputy was dispatched to Cookeville Boat Dock Road where a Putnam County Deputy had found Laulo dumping a trailer load of construction trash on the roadside.He rep- ortedly could not show proof of insurance.He will be in court Aug. 1.Allen Matthew Mooney Jr., 36, and 35-year-old John Carter of Carthage were charged with criminal littering for disposing of tires in a ditch on Mann Hill Road.They will be in court Aug. 2.