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Speakers to address teen issues
My Body, My Future, My Responsibility
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The statistics are startling. DeKalb County ranks near the top in teen pregnancies, teen with sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse and suicide.As parents we often find difficulty talking to our children about difficult subjects.We prefer to stick to the old slogan “Just say No!” and young people are left to make decisions without the benefit of our guidance and experience.More often than not, we are unwilling to admit that we don’t have all the answers and to help our children seek out professionals to assist themLikewise teens are often uncomfortable coming to their parents with questions and instead turn to their peers who are often under-informed and lacking in life experience and perspective.The Community Advisory Board and DeKalb Prevention Coalition want to help. “My Body, My Future, My Responsibility” will feature speakers with widespread experience dealing with the issues facing today’s teens.This event will be held Monday, Sept. 24 at the DeKalb Community Center, located at 712 S. Congress Blvd in Smithville.Doors to the event will open at 5:30 p.m. with refreshments, the opportunity to register for door prizes and the chance to visit informational booths.Keynote speaker Dr. Hugh Don Cripps will provide an overview of the medical, emotional and physiological issues facing teens and there will be breakout sessions from 6-8 pm for boys, girls and parents providing a safe environment to receive information on dealing with peer pressure, making wise decisions and prevention of pregnancy and disease.The event is open to students ages 12-19 and their parents, grandparents and caregivers.For more information contact Rita Bell at 615-597-4673.