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State considers judicial redistricting
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DeKalb would be in this eight-county district under the proposal
The state legislature is considering a judicial redistricting plan that would remove DeKalb County from the 13th Judicial District, which also includes Clay, Cumberland, Pickett, Putnam, Overton and White counties.Under the proposed plan, Van Buren County would become part of the 13th District, and DeKalb County would join a new eight-county district which would also include Cannon, Coffee, Jackson, Macon, Smith, Trousdale, and Warren counties. The present 13th Judicial District, represented by District Attorney General Randy and served by Criminal Court Judges Leon Burns, Jr. and David Patterson, Circuit Court Judges John Maddux and Amy Hollars, and Chancellor Ronald Thurman has three trial courts, including Chancery, Circuit, and Criminal Courts.The District Public Defender is David Brady.Tennessee presently has 31 judicial districts. The new plan would reduce the number to 29.During a recent visit to Smithville, State Representative Mark Pody said he supports some changes to judicial districts across the state.“I'm going to tell you flat out that what we have isn't working,” Pody said.