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Storm destroys BP station on 56S
County center extensively damaged
dumpster w sm.jpg
Clean-up from the recent storms in Smithville continued today, with major damage left to repair from an early morning storm that completely destroyed the BP market on South Congress and heavily damaged several other homes, barns, sheds, including Smithville Elementary School, and the unfinished county center at the old Town and Country Shopping Center location.Numerous trees were uprooted on the south side of town, many of which fell onto homes and other structures.Repair bills for the county center building could cost as much as one million dollars.The county's Insurance carrier has been notified of the damage.County Mayor Mike Foster, while inspecting damage at the county property Thursday, told the Review that the amount of brush and debris coming in to the land fill might be a concern.“If you chop the limbs up in a chipper we can take them at the landfill and store it for cover, but we are not allowed to take brush and limbs, because it can spontaneously combust,” Foster said. “If you will need dumpster to help with clean-up, let us know, and we will try to get you one, depending on demand,” He addedThe storm ripped the brand new central heat and air units from the top of the building and blew them them across the roof of the structure causing substantial damage to the new roof.The building also sustained some water damage.Foster said that the tab to replace and repair the a/c units alone could run about six hundred thousand dollars .Constuction on the facility is expected to be set back at least a month.The new Farmers Market building at the property also sustained minor damage from the storm, losing a few pieces of metal roofing.Meanwhile, the last day of school at Smithville Elementary was called off in the wake of the damage.Structural engineers will reportedly be called in to assess the damage to the building.Officials say that the cafeteria roof will probably have to be completely replaced.The storm rolled the rubber roof back several feet from one end. Two heating and cooling units were also blown across the roof, destroying gas lines and damaging the units.The school also suffered some broken windows, destroyed gutters, and severe damage to the landscaping, with several large trees being completely uprooted on the property.Although there is still some debate on the nature of the storm, officials feel that a tornado was most likely involved.Luckily, the damage occurred at around 1 a.m. and there were no known injuries.