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A look at the Tennessee Legislature
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Greetings, Folks of the 40th! Almost a month into the second half of session and we are beginning to see committees fill with legislation that is active and moving.Please take advantage of the user-friendly Tennessee General Assembly website where you can watch the committee meetings live on video stream, www.legislature.state. is paramount between the folks I represent and the issues at hand here at the state level.I do appreciate the emails I receive when it comes to the legislation you are passionate about. Your voice is being heard, for apparently Governor Haslam is opening up more discussion on SB2210 that would allow school districts to establish teacher salaries and use maximum class sizes rather than average pupil-teacher ratios in the school district.It is good to know that teachers are in those discussions as efforts to get feedback from various schools across the state continues.Remember, bills that are introduced go through changes in the committee process before they even come to the House Floor for a vote, and even then can still be tweaked.The TennCare Standard Spend Down Program is available again and open for enrollment for new applicants on Tuesday, Feb. 21, beginning at 6 p.m.This program comes to us through a waiver to the Medicaid program for only limited qualified low-income individuals.