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Tennessee is ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau as number two in the nation in violent crime and number five in the nation in men killing women.Ninety-eight house members supported stricter punishments for domestic violence with passage of HB2389.HB3517 clarifies and confirms that the unborn child is also a victim of an assaultive offense or a homicide.I think life begins at conception; therefore, when a pregnant woman who lives in the fifth-ranking state of men killing women is assaulted, this bill brings respect both to the mother and the unborn child.After amendments were made to help ease the burden of the fiscal note to our local government due to longer jail time, county commissioners and the sheriff’s association all came to agreement.With the per diem for local jails housing state prisoners being increased from $35 to $37 per day, the increase of $4 million more will be going to local government annually.Administration has allocated $750,000 to go through TBI to local governments to pay for meth clean-up.Previously, this expense has been covered by local governments; this bill will cost an average of $4,941 per county. Crime is costly--not only in dollars, but in the lives it takes, and the ones left scarred.HB3671 passed the house Thursday as many members rose to comment, myself included, how stricter procedures and incentives for the unemployed are needed to keep “job seekers” honest, and employers from paying bad actors, who rely on the check in the mail (paid by small business owners) instead of pursuing a job.From HB3175 making it a felony to create and sell bath salts, to leveling the playing field for all businesses in HB2372, to giving Tennessee teachers first choice in HB3760--it matters who governs, and I am proud to serve with my colleagues as we work tirelessly to make Tennessee a better place to live and raise a family.The 38th Annual Tennessee Prayer Breakfast was excellent.Governor Bill Haslam interviewed Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, after Mr. Vischer shared his testimony. Mr. Vischer’s comment of, “Hold on to God with white knuckles and let go of your five-year plan to fully trust in Him,” made a huge impact on me.That whole morning blessed many members and was a great way to start off our busy week.Thank you to the many folks who, with the Citizens’ Committee, put this large event into motion.To God alone be the glory for the great things he has done.Love seeing all the school children come to the capitol this week, and seeing you on the plaza having lunch on these beautiful sunny spring days; that keeps me charged as well!Thank you, folks of the 40th; it truly is an honor to serve you.