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The Loop- Rep. Terry Lynn Weaver 6-10-11
A look at: The Tennessee Legislature
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The House Chamber doors are closed.I felt it necessary to take the months ahead to inform you, the voter and citizen of the 40th district, of the legislation that was passed in the first half of the 107th by topics.It was a very productive session, however we have much to do when the House resumes in January. Tennessee took a strong stand this legislative session by reforming an education system in dire need of change.Several key reforms were adopted that will have a positive impact on Tennessee for years to come.The primary principles of these reform initiatives are promoting student achievement and encouraging teacher excellence throughout Tennessee.In the long-term these initiatives will lead to a better trained workforce for the State.Many Representatives believe that if Tennessee is going to become the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs it is critical that we improve education.Businesses are looking to compete with employees educated for the 21st century workplace.It was the goal of House to make sure Tennessee teachers are equipped with the best tools possible to educate Tennessee students.During the Session, the House officially made much-needed changes to the education tenure law by passing House Bill 2012.