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Theater coming to county complex, Lakeside Resort
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Patrick Kramer, Cameron Draizer (back row from left), Kristian Hawkins and Topher Davison, (front row from left) will star in Forever Plaid at the county complex in Smithville. The play will run Aug. 31-Sept. 1. The presentation is the story of a harmony band who were killed by a school bus filled with eager Catholic teens on their way to witness the Beatles making their U.S. television debut on the Ed Sullivan show. After 40 years in limbo the band returns, with no idea what happened or why they find themselves in the year 2012. The only apparent solution is to present the performance they never got to attend.
The management team at Lakeside Resort has announced the presentation of “Forever Plaid,” a play about the ghosts of a harmony group who were killed by a bus full of teens on the way to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.After 40 years in limbo, the group will return to the new county complex in Smithville to finally perform the show they were on their way to in 1964.According to Jim Himelrick of Investors Equity, the group that manages the resort, if the play is a success more theater may come to the complex in the next few months.“If we get a good response we would like to schedule at least three more between now and February,” Himelrick told the Review.Plans call for an Improv group at Halloween, a Christmas pageant, and a Valentine’s Day program.“We would like to do the best Christmas pageant ever,” Himelrick said. “That involves a lot of children. We will hold auditions in Smithville to fill the children’s roles.”Plans are for two separate casts to do a total of nine shows, which should give many local children the chance to participate.Plans for Valentines Day may include a dinner theater if response to the initial offerings is good.The group also hopes to hold special events at lakeside, including a summer stock theater program.“No one in Tennessee is doing a summer stock program, and we would like to recruit from many of the colleges in the area to get some of these theater majors in our program,” Himelrick shared.