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Thieves snatch expensive antibiotics
Woman may die without medication
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A local woman whose prescriptions were stolen from her Earl Avenue home has told the Review that she may die without the medication, which she can not afford to replace.According to a report filed with the Smithville Police Department, someone broke into Sabrina Brown’s home last Tuesday between the hours of 3-4 p.m. while Brown was at the doctor having blood work done.Upon her return home, she discovered that someone had emptied out her purse and stolen $150 in cash, her ID, and all her medication, which included antibiotics valued at more than $7,000.The antibiotics were for treatment of a bacterial blood infection, which Brown says may kill her if the medicine is not recovered.Smithville police investigating the scene said that there was no sign of forced entry, and that Brown told them that she was uncertain whether she locked the doors of the residence when she left.Items listed as missing on the police report include a bottle of Zyvox, the antibiotic in question, which is valued at $7,515, as well as Zofran, valued at $1,796, Cipro valued at $67.99, Phenergan valued at $19.49, $150 in cash, and Brown’s Tennessee ID.The looted purse was reportedly found in the woman’s basement.Brown told the Review that Vanderbilt Medical Center covered the initial cost of the prescriptions.“I can’t afford to replace the medicine,” Brown said, “and Vanderbilt will not give them to me again. Without them I could die.Brown saud that if whomever stole the antibioics will return them, no questions will be asked.“I just need my medicine back.” Brown said.In other city crime news this week, Smithville Police Chief Randy Caplinger reported that 53-year-old Lola Minton was charged with domestic assault on Feb. 28.An officer dispatched to investigate a domestic assault report on Kendra Drive made contact with a female victim who claimed she had been assaulted by Minton.Her bond is $2,500 and she will be in court on March 15.Ray Underwood, 21, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia on March 1 after being picked up for a violation of probation.Caplinger said that an officer observed that the brake lights on Underwood's vehicle were not working, and pulled him over on East Bryant Street.Underwood was taken into custody after he was found to have a violation of probation warrant against him, and the arresting officer reported that after he was taken to the police department, officials found two hypodermic needles in his possession.Brown will be in court March 8.Meanwhile, 45-year-old Rhonda Potter of Baxter was cited for theft on Feb. 28.According to the chief, two city officers responded to the Dollar General Store to check into a report of a shoplifter on the premises.Officers arrived and found that Potter had been stopped by a store employee before she could leave the property.Police say they found several items from the store were on Potter’s person.She will be in court on March 15Then, on Feb. 26, 52-year-old Ruth Guerrant of Nashville was cited for shoplifting at Walmart.Guerrant allegedly entered the Walmart store with another person, and left with unpaid-for items from the business stashed in her purse.Guerrant and the other party reportedly changed clothes, returned to the store, and tried to return the items for cash.She will be in court April 5.Joseph Stevens, 23, was cited for shoplifting on March 5.An officer responding to a shoplifting complaint at the Dollar General Store allegedly watched as Stevens tried to conceal unpaid for items in brown bags.Stevens was stopped before leaving the store and the items were recovered.He will be in court on March 15.James Summers, 33, was cited for shoplifting on March 4.Chief Caplinger said that unpaid for items from the store were found on Summers as he was trying to leave.He will be in court on March 15.Patsy Fults, 45, was charged with driving under the influence on Feb. 23.A city officer traveling west on Broad Street saw a vehicle traveling outside its lane of travel.Upon stopping the vehicle, the officer found the driver, Fults, had slurred speech and was disoriented.Fults reportedly submitted to but performed poorly on field sobriety tasks.