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Three aldermen elected
miller w sm
Smithville voters chose three aldermen yesterday, and while incumbents Shawn Jacobs and Danny Washer retained thier seats on the Smithville city council, newcomer Josh Miller took the third seat, ousting one-term incumbent Gayla Hendrix.In the race, Jacobs took 278 votes to remain on the board for a third term, while 261 city voters cast ballots for Washer in his bid for a second term.Miller received 311 votes to gain his seat on the council.Meanwhile, former alderman Aaron Meeks garnered 172 votes in his quest to return to the office.Meeks served from 2003 to 2007 , lost a re-election bid, was elected again in 2009, then was defeated again in 2011.Anthony Scott, in his first bid for election received 222 votes.Incumbent Gayla Hendrix took 237 votes in her unsuccessful bid to retain her seat on the council.Early voting saw 176 votes for Jacobs, 184 for Washer and 207 early voters chose Miller.Hendrix received 162 early votes, 131 early voters chose Meeks, and Scott took 154 early votes.City voters cast 432 early ballots.Miller, Jacobs, and Washer will serve three-year terms according to the new city charter changes, and the aldermen elected next year will serve four-year terms.The terms were changed to bring the city elections in line with the County General Elections, a money-saving measure by the city.