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Three arrested on meth and child endangerment charges
Two seperate incidents involve meth and minors
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A local husband and wife face charges in connection with a meth lab, which was allegedly being operated in the presence of two 11-year-old children.


Michael Shone Saylors, 36, and Ashley Dawn Saylors, 30, were both charged with initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine and two counts of aggravated child abuse and neglect on Oct. 14.


According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, his department received an anonymous tip that a meth lab was being operated at the Saylors’ West Main Street home, and a deputy was sent to the residence to conduct a probation visit with Michael Saylors. Upon receiving consent to search, the officer allegedly discovered a gallon of muriatic acid, lighter fluid, two cans of crystal Drano, a can of drain opener, four cold packs, lithium batteries, three loaded syringes, four empty syringes, fifty coffee filters, and six feet of plastic tubing, five funnels, and a plastic bag containing lye inside a wooden trunk.


A marijuana grinder, rubbing alcohol, digital scales, Iodine, and aluminum foil were also reportedly found at the scene. The sheriff said Ashley Saylors admitted that she knew the items were used to make meth, and that they were in the house. The home was reportedly engulfed in a strong chemical odor, and the structure was quarantined. Investigators used purifying respirators to prevent them from inhaling the chemicals. Two 11-year-old children at the home were taken to the emergency room for evaluation, and their clothes were removed and placed in quarantine.


Ray said the rented home will remain under quarantine until the homeowner has it properly cleaned. Michael Saylors’ bond was set at $400,000, and Ashley Saylors’ is $350,000. They will appear in court on Nov. 13.


Meanwhile, 20-year-old Nichole Breann Higgins was charged with initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine and aggravated child abuse and neglect on Oct. 22.


The sheriff said a sheriff's department detective and deputies sent to a Young Green Road home to investigate a complaint of a possible meth lab spoke with the homeowner, who gave consent to search the house. Higgins reportedly lived at the home as well, and she also gave permission for a search of her room, where several items used in the manufacture of meth were found.


A Mason jar containing bi-layered meth oil, Coleman fuel, Coleman fuel burner heads, two Coleman cylinders, acid, Pyrex glassware, coffee filters, lithium batteries, turkey Basters, aluminum foil balls and a propane torch were allegedly found in the room. Ray said Higgins' one-month-old son was present in the home. The items were reportedly found next to the baby's clothes, diapers, pacifier, and the bed the baby slept in.


Higgins' was arrested and the home was placed under quarantine. The homeowner will be responsible for having the home cleaned.


Her bond was set at $275,000 and she will appear in court on Nov. 6.