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Three arrested with meth lab
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Three local people were arrested by the sheriff's department Saturday when deputies allegedly caught the trio in the act of setting up a meth lab.Jeremy Austin Scruggs, 34, 31-year-old Danny Ray Murphy and 28-year-old Amanda Gail Maxwell, all of Smithville, were each charged with initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine after authorities reportedly discovered them getting ready to cook meth on Olde West Pointe Road.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, his department received a report of three suspicious persons on Olde West Pointe Road, and deputies dispatched to the scene found Scruggs, Murphy, Maxwell and the components of a meth lab.Among the items found were rubber tubing, a 20-ounce plastic bottle with tubing coming from the top, aluminum foil and a plastic baggie of lye.The sheriff said that after the three had been read their rights, Maxwell told a deputy that Scruggs and Murphy had paid her to take them to the site in her vehicle so they could make some meth.They were all arrested and brought to the jail for booking.Bond for Scruggs and Maxwell has been set at $25,000 each.Murphy's bond is $50,000.All three will appear in court on Nov. 29.Murphy will appear in court on a similar offense on Dec. 10.Meanwhile, 45-year-old Richard Len Judkins of McMinnville was charged with driving on a suspended license on Nov. 8.Ray said a deputy with prior knowledge that Judkins’ license was suspended spotted him operating a motor vehicle on Highway 70.The lawman reportedly stopped Judkins at Eastside Citgo.It was allegedly learned that Judkins had been arrested earlier that day for a failure to appear in court, where he has several other charges of driving on a suspended license pending.The sheriff said that Judkins had been warned earlier that day that he should not be driving.He was arrested and brought to the jail for booking.His bond is set at $3,000 and he will appear in court on Nov. 15.