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Trustee to take partial tax payments
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DRIVER - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
The DeKalb County Trustee’s office will soon offer taxpayers the option of paying partial payments on their 2012 property taxes.Trustee Sean Driver said that after two years of contemplation and research, his office will begin receiving partial payments for the 2012 property tax year on Oct. 1.“I sent out a census to all the county trustees in the state, and they sent back the information on how they were doing partial payments,” Driver told the Review. “I compiled all that information and applied what I think will be beneficial to this county.”County taxpayers will have the option of dividing the total bill into monthly payments, or the office will accept any amount the taxpayer wants to pay toward their balance.“The first option allows us to take the total tax bill and divide it over two to five months,” Driver explained. “The tax season is from Oct. 1-Feb. 28, which is five months.