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Try DeKalb First!
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The Review continues with the second story in the “Try DeKalb First” series.
It has been said before that every time you make a purchase you are making a choice. The choice is whether to strengthen and support your community, or send your money elsewhere.
Try DeKalb First is a continuing campaign created by the Review, with help from the Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce, to encourage DeKalb Countians to try local retailers before shopping out of town.
Why should DeKalb Countians shop at local businesses? Statistics show that when you local shopping allows your money to remain in the community, and creates up to 75 percent more local tax revenue.
While many people say they shop out of town because of the selection, a local shopping trip might result in an eye-opening experience, and reveal a surprising variety of brand-name items, some of which you may not find in larger markets.
The standard of living in your community is raised when you shop local merchants, because their profits are more likely to be used to buy products and services from other local businesses, creating escalation in local tax revenues.
According to Smithville Mayor Jimmy Poss, shopping locally just makes good sense.
“When you shop in town it keeps the money here,” Poss told the Review. “It’s tough for small business owners these days, but you can get as good a deal at most local places than you can by going out of town. I encourage everyone to shop at home whenever possible.”
City Alderman Jason Murphy, also owner of Optimus Pest Control, said that one of the advantages to local trading is the service.
“What I like about trading locally is that if you have a problem, you are probably already dealing with someone you know, not some voice on the other end of a phone line,” Murphy shared. “It makes it easier to resolve problems if you are dealing with someone you will see around town on a regular basis.”
He said the local factor results in better service.
“In a small-town business, sometimes the owner is more concerned with maintaining a good reputation than trying to make as much money as he can from the job.”
Alderman Danny Washer, owner of Doc’s Clean-up Shop, said that local growth hinges on shopping locally as well.
“The only way we are going to see any growth is to keep things at home,” Washer said. “Some people seem to think it is better to say that they bought an item from a fancy place, but the truth is, sometimes you can get a better deal at home.”
In the quest to find the item you need at a good price, despite the fact that local shopping strengthens the community socially an financially, one of the main reasons to shop local businesses is the friendly hometown service. Local business owners are more likely to be concerned with customer satisfaction, and their income depends on whether you return to their store.
Remember, “Try DeKalb First.”