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Turnbill arrested while on parole
Turnbill mug

Fourty three-year-old Melvin Eugene Turnbill was arrested on a burglary charge Monday night around 10:30 p.m. just two days after being arrested for driving under the influence. Both recent arrests were made by the Cookeville Police Department.

Turnbill is currently on parole for facilitation of first degree murder in a 2002 DeKalb County case.

The burgulary charge comes from Turnbill attempting to gain entry through the back door of a home on Pen Oak Drive in Cookeville. The homeowners thought Turnbill had found a key to the home inside an unlocked vehicle outside the home. One homeowner stated that Turnbill unlocked the door at one point and was trying to push it open. A female at the resident said she physically held the deadbolt lock in the locked position while entry was trying to be made.

An officer on the scene, who had found Turnbill at the front door upon arrival and had him detained in his patrol car, asked if he had a key to the home. Turnbill admitted he did, and had found it in an unlocked car at the residence.

He was arrested for for burglary of a motor vehicle and transported to the Putnam County Jail. He was booked with a bond of $10,000 for the Monday burglary charge, and according to his arrest warrant, his initial appearance in Putnam County General Sessions Court is set for March 7.

Turnbill was convicted in the September 2002 shooting of 20-year-old Joshua Murphy, and was released on parole on March 9.

He was sentenced to 25 years after he pled guilty in DeKalb County Criminal Court in 2003 to facilitating first degree murder. Turnbill and a co-defendant, Christopher Nicholas Orlando, were accused of killing Murphy in a wooded area of the Laurel Hill Community in a dispute over drugs.