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Two busted with mobile meth lab
A drug detective from the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department found a mobile meth lab after stopping a vehicle with a headlight out last week.Two people were taken into custody after the one-pot meth lab was found in the vehicle.James Dillion Mitchell, 19, of Morrison and 19-year-old Amy Elizabeth Mullican of Woodbury were arrested and charged with initiation of a process intended to result in the manufacture of methamphetamine.Mullican was also charged with simple possession of a Schedule II drug (methamphetamine).According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, the drug detective stopped the vehicle the two were traveling in and found Mitchell, the driver, had slurred speech and kept dropping things in the car.The detective also reportedly noticed a strong chemical odor coming from the car.Ray said that Mitchell was asked to get out of the vehicle and submitted to a search.The detective allegedly found rubber tubing taped to the lid of a bottle in Mitchell's coat pocket, and a sock, containing a scale, a glass pipe, and aluminum foil, was found in his pants pocket.The detective said he also found a one-pot meth lab in the front floor board along with two small plastic containers with lye, three cut hoses, and empty blister packs inside.Mitchell reportedly admitted that the meth lab belonged to him.The sheriff said that Mullican admitted to knowing the lab was in the car.A female correctional officer was called to the scene to search Mullican, and reportedly found a small plastic baggie with a white powdery substance believed to be methamphetamine.Mitchell’s bond is set at $25,000. Mullican's bond is $27,000. Both will be in court Oct. 4.Gregory Allen Mayo, 44 was arrested on Sept. 18 for for simple possession of a Schedule VI drug (marijuana), possession of a Schedule III drug (Suboxone) and unlawful possession of a Schedule II drug (metamphetamine) for resale, as well as a drug-free school zone violation and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.A sheriff’s department drug detective and other deputies who went to Mayo’s Dry Creek Road home to serve a warrant on him said that Mayo could be seen hunkered down by a front window.When the detective knocked and identified himself, Mayo allegedly crawled to the bedroom and covered himself under blankets.According to Ray, the detective entered the bedroom and instructed Mayo to show him his hands and get up.When he complied, a plastic bag containing several smaller bags was found reportedly found where he had been sitting.The sheriff said the larger bag contained a baggy with green a leafy substance believed to be marijuana; a baggy with a white rock-like substance which tested positive for methamphetamine which weighed 2.8 grams; and five smaller baggies with smaller rocks believed to be meth, each weighing .3 grams.The baggies containing the rock-like substance weighed over three grams total.