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Two DUD board members terms to end this fall
DUD board wsm
Two members of the DeKalb Utility District (DUD) Board of Commissioners face the end of their terms on the board this fall.The board is comprised of five members, Jimmy Womack, Joe Foutch, and Hugh Washer, (from DeKalb County) Roger Turney, (from Cannon County), and Danny Bass (from Smith County).Turney’s term will expire on August 31, and Womack's term will expire on October 31. Each board member serves a four-year term, and the terms are staggered.Tennessee Code Annotated dictates that the DUD board submit three prospective nominees for each position in order of preference. The board voted last week to submit the names of Turney, Chris Blackburn, and Winfred Gaither, in that order, to the mayor of Cannon County, and the names of Womack, Jimmy Herndon, and Paul Blair, in that order, to the DeKalb County Mayor.The law allows for DUD customers to submit names for consideration by the DUD board, but a public notice was published last month, and no names were offered by customers.Tennessee Code Annotated dictates that the county mayor has the authority to appoint one of the three nominees to vacant positions on the board or reject all of the nominees.