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Up in the air
Airport applying for grants
Wayne Hubbs has put together this remarkable Gyro-Copter from a kit that he flies cross country and has demonstrated to several law enforcement agencies.
During this month’s meeting, the Board of Mayor and Alderman recognized Smithville Airport Manager Joe Johnson’s critical role in a thriving airport, which is key to any area’s industrial and economic growth. Johnson not only maintains the grounds and systems at the airport but also is a talented grant writer which translates to state and federal fund availability for the many projects that keep the airport top-notch.“We’re getting another $150,000 ACIP money which puts us at $547,428 in non-primary entitlements,” Johnson reported. “What that means is when we apply for a grant and get approved, 50 percent of that grant will be paid out of this fund ($547,428) and the state -Tennessee Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division- will provide a 45-percent match.