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Volunteers come to animal shelter's aid
DCAS Simba
Steve Warner photo Simba is five years old and he would make a great housecat as hes already had his front paws declawed. Hes the pet-of-the-week at the DeKalb County DAC Animal Shelter and you can adopt him today. For more information call: 615-597-1363.
The DeKalb County Animal Coalition Shelter held its first volunteer orientation/training meeting last week on the road to becoming better equipped to handle the workload the facility has been processing since opening just three months prior. Led by Amy Kitchen, one of the most seasoned volunteers the shelter has working for it currently, 16 local residents signed up to volunteer and learn more about the program which has been put on temporary hold until volunteer coordinators can step in and handle the day-to-day volunteer logistics which has been putting a strain on full-time director Megan Moore and part-time assistant James Wilkerson. “For us to just open the doors and it be operating like any other comparable shelter is far-fetched,” Kitchen told the group.