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Voting districts to be reconfigured
Census numbers dictate shifts in map
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The DeKalb County voting districts must be restructured to conform to the 2010 census results.The Redistricting Committee, which is made up of the entire County Commission, Director of Schools Mark Willoughby and Administrator of Elections Dennis Stanley, met with David Tirpack, GIS Manager for the State Comptroller of the Treasury Office of Local Government last Thursday in the basement of the courthouse to discuss possible plans for bringing the districts into line with census requirements.Some residents will inevitably be moved into another district once a plan is settled upon.According to 2010 census figures, DeKalb's population is 18,723.Each of the seven voting districts will need to contain no more than 2,675 people.The districts must be within 10 percent of each other according to population to meet requirements.The range in DeKalb County now stands at 17 percent.The overall range is determined by calculating the difference between districts with the highest and lowest deviation from each other.The third district has 2,890 residents while the seventh district's population is 2,881, putting these districts deviation at +8 percent.The second district has a population of 2,428, putting it's deviation at -9 percent. which, when added to the +8 percent positive deviation, puts DeKalb’s County's overall deviation at 17 percent.To meet the 10 percent deviation goal, the boundaries in some or all of the districts will have to be moved to bring the overall range to the required 10 percent.The goal is to make each district within 10 percent of a population of 2,675.The first district now has a population of 2,517, a deviation of -6% from the mean, and must lose gain approximately 185 people.The second district’s population is 2,428, a deviation of -9 percent, and will require about 247 more people.The third district has 2,890 people, a deviation of +8 percent, and will need to lose about 215 people.The fourth district has a -7 percent deviation, and must gain 193 people.The fifth district's population is -1 percent from the goal at 2,654, just 21 people short. The sixth district population is at 2,871, a deviation of +7 percent, and 196 people over the goal of 2,675.The seventh district has a population of 2,881, a deviation of +8 percent, or 206 over the requirement.Under the law, the county commission must adopt and have the new redistricting plan in place by Jan. 1, 2012.