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Was Mayor's indictment politically motivated?
Mayor Jimmy Poss
Indictments were returned against Mayor Jimmy Poss on the eve of election.
Were the timing of indictments against Smithville Mayor Jimmy Poss and his son politically motivated given they were issued by the grand jury on the eve of election?The answer to that question varies according to who you are talking to. As for Tony Hagan, council for the mayor, there is no doubt in his mind.“This is purely a political indictment,” the attorney maintained regarding the indictments of Mayor Poss and son Anthony Poss on theft charges arising out of the mayor’s hiring of his son to work at the city’s golf course without aldermanic permission.Hagan, who will be at his client’s side during arraignment on the morning of Aug. 6 believes the whole thing stinks.“Jimmy’s election is about a week away and this smells to high heaven,” Hagan said, noting the timing is very curious since it happened during early voting, just a week from Election Day. Mayor Poss is facing opposition from Curtis Rust and Alderman Josh Miller.“If the state had anything why did they wait until the week before election to accuse Jimmy?” the attorney wonders, noting his client maintains his innocence to the allegations.