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Wilmore waits for call to Gulf
Red Cross on stand-by
wilmore w L
Local Red Cross volunteer Sandra Wilmore is waiting by the phone.Wilmore, working out of the Smithville office, has been notified that she should be prepared to head to the Gulf of Mexico to care for potential victims of Tropical Storm Isaac, which threatens to batter the coast with winds up to 125 mph.“We just waiting now to see where the storm hits, and what happens when it hits the warm waters in the Gulf,” Wilmore told the Review.She said the call could come at any time, and that she is prepared to go when the notification comes down.“I could get the call while we are talking. We usually get a 24-hour notice, but you never know. I’m packed and waiting for the phone call to come in,” she said.“I get an email, then they follow up with a phone call. when you get the phone call you’re pretty much on your way.